Common Issues in Home Plumbing in Stockbridge, GA

Homeowners are often faced with a number of things around their homes that require professional repairs, including plumbing issues. While there are some simple things that homeowners can easily take care of themselves, such as using the plunger to clear the lines of small clogs, there are other issues that should really only be handled by professional plumbers. This is because the plumbing system in a home is a complicated thing, and something that requires the proper training to work on. Otherwise, homeowners could find themselves with a lot more trouble than they initially bargained for, and end up spending a lot more money to have their “fixes” fixed, then have the original problems repaired.

One of the most common issues for home plumbing Stockbridge GA is dripping or leaky taps. Not only is it incredibly annoying to listen to, it can cost a lot of money, because it is literally unused water just going down the drain. A plumber can identify the source of the leak and fix it quickly so that no more water is lost. It is best to have the problem dealt with as quickly as possible, because the more water leaks, the higher water bills will end up being.

When toilets are blocked, it may take more than a plunger to unblock them. This is a common problem, but when plunging doesn’t work and toilets still won’t flush properly, A plumber can find out exactly what is causing the problem, fix it, and make sure that it isn’t going to happen again any. Plumbers also fix sinks that are clogged with hair, food, and other debris when over-the-counter products don’t work.

One of the most serious problems that requires professional plumbing from Hammond Services is burst pipes. These used to be made from lead, but today they are made from plastic piping that is covered in hose made from stainless steel. They are not as sturdy as old lead pipes (although much healthier), and they can easily burst, causing a lot of damage to homes and their contents.

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