Common Air Conditioning Problems

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When searching for services in air conditioning in Renton WA, be sure to call only HVAC certified technicians. Because the older your air conditioning system gets the better chance you run for costly repairs, the following are a few of the most common air conditioning problems you might run into.

Low Refrigerant

If your system is low on refrigerant, that means that it was not put in properly or the system is leaking refrigerant. If it is a leak, then just adding refrigerant will not solve this problem. You will have to get an air conditioning professional to come fix the leak and then properly recharge the refrigerant. It is important to remember that your system performs its best when the refrigerant level is full according to the manufacturer’s standards. The leaking of refrigerant is also harmful to the environment, so it is important to immediately fix the leak when it is detected.

Electric Failure

Over time, the fan and compressor controls will wear out and need to be replaced. These controls will wear out at a faster rate if the system is over sized. Also, corrosion on wire ends and terminals tend to cause problems in your system. These connections should be checked on a regular basis by an air conditioning professional. If the controls need to be replaced, make sure to call a professional because working with electricity is extremely dangerous.

Sensor Issues

Air conditioners come equipped with thermostat sensors which measure the temperature of air that enters your air conditioner’s evaporator core. If this sensor is moved or damaged, it will keep the air conditioner continually running and cause erratic air conditions. The sensor should be very near the coil itself but never touching it directly. You can adjust its position if you see that it is touching by bending the wire attached to the sensor. If you are not comfortable adjusting this sensor yourself, contact an air conditioning professional in Renton WA.


When the humidity outside begins to rise be sure to check your condensate drain on the air conditioner. If the drain is clogged, be sure to fix it because it can cause water back up and water damage if left broken.

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