Coming Up with the Right Kitchen Design in Main Line, PA

The time has come to make a major change in the kitchen. What remains to be settled is what type of updates would make the homeowner happy. When discussing the possibilities for a complete Kitchen Design in Main Line PA, it pays to address a few basics. Here are some points to consider closely before any work gets underway.

Features That Still Work

Start the process of coming up with a new Kitchen Design in Main Line PA, by identifying any elements the homeowner wants to retain as part of the renovation. Maybe the general layout is fine, and the cabinetry would look great with some refinishing. If so, there is no need to rip the cabinets out and replace them with something that may not be as attractive. In this scenario, the plan will include stripping the old cabinets and staining or painting them to blend in with the new look. The only thing that will go is the countertops, which can be replaced with relative ease.

Things That Must Go

It also pays to specifically identify elements of the kitchen that are not to the liking of the homeowner and need to go. Perhaps the location of the kitchen sink has never really been to the liking of the owner. Talking with the contractor about investing in a different style of sink and running the necessary plumbing to move it to another area of the kitchen should definitely be in the plans. Even little things like appliances the owner no longer likes can be replaced as part of the kitchen makeover.

Estimates and Quotes

The task of renovating a kitchen and making radical changes to the design does involve spending money. Get estimates for various new elements and quotes for the labor involved with the makeover. The figures will help the homeowner determine if any compromises need to be made or if there is enough money on hand to do everything that the owner wants to do with the space.

For help with any type of update in kitchen design, call the professionals at Walter & Jackson Inc today. They will work with the client to identify everything that needs to be done and provide pricing for the project. Once the details are worked out, the transformation can begin.

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