Color Matters When Choosing Countertops

If you’re undergoing home remodeling in Chicago, you’ve probably considered all sorts of details. There are a wide variety of decisions to make, from style to function. One thing you may not have considered is something as seemingly simple as countertop color. When it comes to choosing a countertop, materials usually come to mind. However, color matters, too. Read on for some tips on choosing color for your countertops.

Keep It Versatile

Choosing a countertop to complement a paint or decor color can have a stunning effect. But what happens when you decide that color no longer suits you or the room becomes outdated? Counters are a big investment. It’s a wise idea to choose one that is versatile and can grow with your changing tastes. That doesn’t mean you have to choose something neutral. Color can be achieved through stone flecks in granite or in a unique material choice.

Consider the Tones

Take a look at the colors of your appliances, fixtures and cabinetry. You’ll want to choose counters that have a complementary color scheme, rather than one that competes or clashes. You can do this by ordering countertop samples to view side by side with the other elements of the room.

Keep It Balanced

Where you may want contrast is with regard to simplistic versus patterns. A balance of the two is ideal. For example, a solid colored countertop will go well with a bold patterned wallpaper or ornate tile backsplash. On the other hand, a natural stone with flecks and veins might be the ideal complement to balance more subdued surrounding elements.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding on the colors for your countertops. Experts in home remodeling in Chicago usually have designers on hand to provide advice, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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