Color Correction Services to Fix Video Quality

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Business Services

Color correction is the manipulation of images to ensure a higher quality of color by using specific color grading tools. Color correction services can be used for new film or performed after you’ve made a copy of an old video. In fact, all major motion films undergo intense color correction in order to produce just the right amount of lighting and highlights in each scene. Correcting color on film and video can be done to correct lighting that was not adequate or to enhance objects that you want to project more focus on.

Another reason why you would need to have color in film corrected is to compensate for under or overexposed areas. Utilizing color techniques, you will be able to tone down overexposed areas and bring out colors that have been muted by underexposure. You can also use color techniques in order to make your film look more vintage in appearance. You will be able to give your film an antiqued look without interfering with the color quality.

Color does not have to be diminished when copying DVD’s. Thanks to color correction services you can restore your old VHS movies onto DVD’s with color that is like new. When transferring video footage, you can guarantee that you will lose natural color and clarity. By using a color correction service you will be able to restore natural color and enhance detail so that you won’t be able to tell the video has been copied.

When you finally decide it’s time to transfer those old videos onto something that provides a more permanent archival option you may decide to also go ahead and have them restored so they look as new as the day the video was taken. VHS tapes were never meant to last forever so you should take the time to convert them to a DVD sooner rather than later. While there are products consumers can buy that will copy VHS to DVD, they will not be copied with corrected color. To free up time and avoid frustration, it is best to take your videos to a company that will be able to transfer your videos as well as restore your videos to a natural color.

Chromavision provides fast and reliable color correction services.

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