Coastal Chairs for Your Out of Doors

If you need new chairs for your patio or outdoor space, there are many different styles and materials in which to choose. However, furniture like Breezesta coastal chairs (made out of high impact poly lumber) may be one of the best choices you can make. Here are some good reasons to consider these chairs for outdoor living spaces.

What is Coastal Design?

Coastal décor is all about living on the coast by the ocean. Many homes on the ocean receive a great deal of sun, sand, water, salt, and heat, and if you live here, you need outdoor furniture which can withstand this kind of environment. This is why coastal furniture like the Breezesta coastal chair was created. In fact, coastal chairs are so durable, they are perfect for all kinds of homes in all kinds of locations.

Coastal style is often light in color to reflect the heat from the sun. It is also designed for easy cleaning. As you shop for coastal chairs, consider a strong and durable material which is maintenance free.

If you live by ocean water, there is a lot of salt in the air. Salt is a known corrosive and can have a devastating effect on wood, metal, and painted surfaces. When you choose wood or metal outdoor furniture you could run into a number of problems, as such:

1. Wood furniture needs painting or sealing often. In fact, wood absorbs moisture in times of high humidity and can swell and even crack. When wood stays wet for too long it will begin to rot.

2. Many kinds of wood can be attacked by insects. This will greatly shorten the life expectancy of even the finest wooden chairs.

3. Iron is subject to rust and corrosion and in a caustic environment (close to the ocean) metal may not be the best choice. You can use special rust resistant paint or even buy powder coated metal. However, in time, iron or steel is still subject to rusting.

Coastal Chairs Made from Poly Lumber

Poly lumber is one of the best choices for your coastal chairs. It will not rot like wood. Insects cannot harm it, and it won’t rust or corrode. In addition, it is heavy enough to stay in place when the wind picks up.

Choices for Your Coastal Chairs

Coastal chairs come in many different colors and styles. For example, when you shop with a trusted provider you can find selections like:

1. Standard Adirondack style
2. Adirondack glider
3. Adirondack rocker
4. Bar chairs
5. Counter chairs
6. Dining chairs
7. Double gliders

Some of the best coastal chairs are made from recycled poly plastics, like the Breezesta coastal chair. In addition, you never have to paint them and they are guaranteed for a lifetime.

If you would like to see a great selection of Breezesta Coastal Chairs, come to the Breezesta Furniture site. We carry a number of chairs which are perfect for coastal living. Visit our home on the Web today at  for more info. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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