Closing out the Weather on the Coast

You will probably see a roller shutter on just about every commercial building in Portsmouth, including quite a few shops, too. Roller shutters are a security door which rolls down from an encasement fixed to the building. It can be on a door or a window and if it is on a door it can a small average sized door, or a huge store front type door.

You will see a roller shutter on so many different day to day applications, like garage doors, warehouses, schools, kitchens and even prisons. In the United Kingdom you can even see them on the backs of vans and lorries. There are varying types and styles of roller shutter that can be applied to a variety of buildings, vehicles and homes. Firstly, buyers can choose from built-in or built-on roller shutters. The difference with built-in and built-on is that if you get built-in, the shutter casement is built into the building during construction and so if you buying land with a view to building, it is a consideration you could think about. Built-on roller shutters are built onto the side of the building, in the exterior, to encase the roller shutters in Portsmouth which protect the windows and doors of the existing building. These are often added after a burglary or added as a preventative measure.

Integrated and Manual Versions

In the olden days, when shutters were new on the market and the technology hadn’t been invented yet to made them automatic, we had manual versions. Those are still available and far cheaper and they work on a principle of pulley or crank handle to open and close them. There were also the slatted shutter versions that looked remarkably like louvers, which have opening slats that can open at an angle. There are also electric versions where the motor is fitted inside the roller and it can be manual or automatic.

Lastly you can also choose fire shutters, which offer protection against fire. They are not totally fire proof but they are made from a hard wearing metal or treated wood which can be linked up with your business fire alarm so that it automatically closes on activation. These types of door are excellent as fire protection and can prevent flames from reaching highly volatile areas of your business premises.

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