Clogged Drain? A Plumbing Services Contractor in Reno can Diagnose and Fix the Problem

Plumbers keep many household functions running smoothly. They install, repair and replace toilets, showers, washing machines and even gas stoves. When residents find that they have a drain clog that they can’t handle they need to be able to call a reliable plumbing services in Reno company. Paschall Plumbing, Heating and Cooling can respond to any of these requests for service. With over 30 years of experience, they have a proven track record in the region that their customers trust. They respond 24 hours day in emergency situations. They don’t charge extra for weekend or night repairs. They also offer flat-rate pricing, so customers don’t have to worry about how long it takes to finish the work.

Sometimes a clogged drain can signal a serious problem. Professional Plumbing Services can use sophisticated camera equipment to quickly diagnose the issue. They can then opt to use a steel snake with a motorized claw at the end to unclog the drain. There are situations where the backed up drain is caused by a problem with the septic system. All of the plumbing in the home leads to the septic tank. Once the water enters the septic tank, bacteria begins to break it down. Sludge falls to the bottom of the tank and liquid and grease float to the top. When the top layers reach an outfall pipe, they enter the leaching field. Perforated pipes with small holes slowly allow this effluent to enter the ground water. It is further purified before it reaches the groundwater table.

The sludge at the bottom of the tank has to be routinely pumped out. If the homeowner hasn’t had this done, then it can reach the outfall pipe. It is too thick to move through it and the pipe becomes clogged. The tank fills up and causes toilets and drains to back up. Unfortunately at this point the Plumbing Services Reno contractor will have to excavate the septic system and replace the pipes. There is no way to do this with a snake. Once the system is fixed, the plumber will work with the homeowner to set up the appropriate pumping schedule.

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