Clear That Property with Quality: Building Demolition Company in Marana, AZ

Sometimes starting “the new” means taking out “the old.” Demolition work may sound simple enough, but it actually takes a great deal of skill and experience to do it right. There are many things that can go wrong with a demolition project. Whether you encounter unexpected difficulties in safely bringing down a structure or you discover dangerous hazardous materials, the best solution is to start with a building demolition company in Marana, AZ that can handle all aspects of a demolition with ease.

A Quality Demolition Starts with a Quality Plan

A successful demolition project involves more than just clearing a site. Demolition is a specialty that places the highest priority on safety and planning. Demolition requires an expertise in engineering, knowledge of construction methods/materials used in the past, and a set of contingencies for handling unexpected occurrences. In most cases, a demolition plan must be submitted to local officials before you can obtain the necessary permits.

Planning a demolition project requires a detailed evaluation of the existing structure. This is done by conducting an on-site inspection of conditions and facilitating a review of any applicable construction documents that are available to the building demolition company. Planning for the timely removal of demolished materials, providing dust control measures, ensuring the protection of adjacent properties, and facilitating the safe removal of hazardous materials all must be accounted for before demolition activity can begin on any site.

Defining the Scope of the Project

The scope of any demolition project should be clearly identified in the demolition plan. Defining a project’s scope means clearly identifying and describing the existing structure, taking note of its particular characteristics, identifying the expectations of scheduling, and forecasting the expected condition of the site when the project is completed. Scope can include site preparation work for future development of the property and any environmental concerns that may affect the work.

Characteristics of a Demolition Company

There are a number of characteristics that define a good building demolition company. The primary fundamental characteristic is an excellent safety record. Extensive experience with a variety of building types and construction materials such as brick, structural steel, concrete, and framing are also required. Dusty Duds Excavation & Construction Inc. places a high value on both training and experience, and their team of professionals can respond to any demolition needs, including complete structural demolition and even emergency demolition.

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