Why Some City Residents Choose Private Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio TX

When municipal garbage pickup is available, it may seem mysterious to city residents why anybody pays for Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio TX from a private company. Eventually, they may discover a couple of reasons and may even decide to contract with a private organization as well.

Municipal Pricing and Container Size

In some cases, private Garbage Pickup Services in San Antonio TX actually are cheaper than going with the municipal service. This particular city has implemented a pay-as-you-go system, so residents who put out a lot of garbage pay more and those who don’t set out much trash pay less. This is calculated by the size of the trash container the residents use and is provided by the city. They are billed monthly for municipal service.

When a smaller container is all a household needs, they may find this quite affordable. A large family that needs a 96-gallon container may wind up paying more for municipal service than for private pickup.

Some individuals and families don’t like being limited to the small container, even if that’s normally all they need. They wonder what might happen if they have some friends or relatives stay with them for a week or two, or if their two kids in college come home for the summer.

A Schedule That Works Better for the Household

Another reason people make this choice is to have a more customized service that better fits their own needs. Perhaps the timing of the municipal pickup conflicts with their work schedule. They may have difficulty getting the containers out to the curb by 8 a.m. on Monday morning, for instance, if they commonly work third shift over the weekend. The schedule provided by a company such as Tiger Sanitation is more suitable for their needs at this point.

Discounts for HOAs

Homeowners associations in intentional neighborhoods and groups of condominiums may be able to receive discounts since the workers will be picking up a large number of containers in a relatively small area at one time. For more information about this type of contract, a person may find the organization’s email address at Tigersanitation.com. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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