The City of Greensboro has a Lot to Offer and a Lot More to Look Forward To

With a growing population of 695,327 people and 278,438 households, the city of Greensboro is quite an accomplished city with potential for growth on the horizon. Settled on a total area of 131.2 square miles with 126.7 square miles of land and the remaining 4.5 square miles of water, Greensboro is quite the place to live as well as visit. The population consists of 48.4% Whites, 40.6% African American, 4.0% Asian Americans, and 7% other races. The education sector offers public schools that serve 71,000 students in grades K-12. Education is a major area of concentration in the city with more than 80% of the residents having a high school diploma and 25% having a four-year college degree.

Around the City

Greensboro is a very popular city and is referred to by three nicknames, including Tournament Town, Gate City, and The Boro. Greensboro was a key location for sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement. There are many major attractions and events that keep the people of the city moving and never without entertainment. For golf lovers, there is the Annual PGA Golf Tournament, and everyone values The International Civil Rights Center and Museum. The Greensboro Science Center and The Children’s Museum are very popular places to visit in the city. Have a bit of fun at the Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe or relax at one of the lovely lakes which include Lake Brandt, Lake Higgins, and Lake Townsend. All of these lakes offer programs, activities, and special events for people of all ages to enjoy.

Greensboro Statistics

The per capita income is $24,963 locally compared to $27,466 for all adult U.S. Residents, and the average household income is $44,657 in Greensboro compared to $52,175 for all U.S. Residents. Furthermore, 11% of all houses are valued at $300,000 or greater, and the average home value is $135,900 in Greensboro. Rental vacancies are rated at 13%, and there are 34% renters in Greensboro compared to 66% of those who own their own homes. In 2014, monthly rent amounts in Greensboro averaged $745 for a single-family home and $625 for a single bedroom apartment, while 19% of the residents in Greensboro pay 30% or more of their annual income in rental fees. In 2013, numbers reflected that 34% of the residents were renters compared to the U.S. renter average of 36.98%.

Greensboro offers exciting adventures and opportunity for growth in business and education. Real Property Management Triad understands the importance of prosperity in a small town.

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