Christopher Dixon Financial Advisor

For many people, talking about planning for retirement can be difficult. It can feel like something far away, yet it is something that people need to focus on so that they are properly prepared for the future. This is something that Christopher Dixon believes should be addressed and discussed.

Christopher has been quoted as saying “No decision is too small to be left up to chance.” What this means is that unexpected things can happen and it is important to be prepared for them, something that people may not have considered while working day to day. While it is not possible to legislate for every potential future event, there are ways in which problems could be addressed now.

This can include looking at issues such as long term care as well as ways to make investments more tax efficient, all of which could have ramifications later on.

This is reflected in the advice offered by the Oxford Advisory Group, which stresses looking into the issue of retirement and what clients have to do in order to be ready for it.

Christopher and the Oxford Advisory Group’s work includes going over areas where clients could potentially increase your financial growth, ways in which assets can be protected as well as discussing the ways in which a lasting legacy can be left for future generations.

All of these things are covered in Christopher’s regular radio show and seminars, allowing people to learn more should they wish to do so.