Choosing The Best Oil Field Wholesale Warehouse Distributor

Selling into the oil fields in Texas and New Mexico is not an easy task. There are multiple companies providing parts and components, and there is a significant amount of competition from suppliers, both online as well as those offering personalized service.

One of the most effective ways for a supplier to become recognized as a top company to deal with is to have an advantage over the competition. That advantage always comes in the form of choosing a top oil field wholesale warehouse distributor.

There are several factors to evaluate when determining the right match between the sales business and the oil field wholesale warehouse distributor. Taking inventory of what your end-customers need and what the distributor offers is always the first step, but there are other considerations as well.

Location of the Distributor

That old saying about the importance of location in real estate is also relevant in the location of an oil field wholesale warehouse distributor. When the distributor is in the general area of your customers, it makes it much easier to promise same or next day delivery of parts or components.

On the rigs, where every hour of downtime is a significant loss of revenue for the oil company, this ability to deliver parts and components in shorter periods of time than the competition makes a positive impact on keeping current customers and attracting new business.

Selection, Inventory, and Support

Of course, fast delivery only matters when the supply company has a top selection of the most required parts and components and has a good inventory level for those parts. On-hand inventory is critical for the distributor as it allows the direct sales companies to have the confidence of selling parts that are readily available.

Sales staff at the distributor are also a consideration. Look for established distributors with staff that understand the industry and can assist with complex orders, challenging issues, and support in getting the right parts needed for your customers.

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