Choosing the Best Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

When deciding to buy diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs, it is important to first of all consider your budget. Once you decide on the amount you are ready to spend on your diamond engagement ring, then decide on the design or type of diamond that you want. There are many diamond designs that include solitaire rings, openwork lattice and diamond rings that are decorated using gemstones. This will depend on your personal preference. The next thing will be to choose a design for your diamond ring. Diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs come in different designs and shapes.

However, before purchasing any diamond ring you should consider the 4cs of diamonds. These are the terms that are used to categorize diamonds.


This is how clear or clean the diamond is. The best diamond does not have any imperfections both inside and outside the diamond. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has established clarity grades that are used to determine the prices of diamonds. It is advisable to buy a ring with at least SI1 clarity.


Diamonds come in a variety of colors. However, colored diamonds are rare and very expensive. Yellow colored diamonds are very common making them very cheap. It is advisable to go for color grade H or I. These are good quality diamonds that come at a pocket friendly price.


The cut determines the shape, proportions, and most importantly the sparkle of the diamond. The GIA has also established a grading system that is used to establish the best cut. The grading system ranges from ideal, fair, good to very good. It is advisable that you go for a diamond has a “very good” cut grade. These diamonds do not have a hefty price tag, and the cut is up to standard.

Carat weight

This is the weight of the diamond. The higher the weight, the more expensive the diamond will be.

You should make sure that you only purchase your diamond from a certified diamond dealer. There are a number of agencies that certify diamonds. The most popular is GIA. Others include AGS and EGL. Make sure you sure you check for certificates issued by the above agencies before purchasing any diamond engagement ring.

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