Choosing the Right Automatic Doors to Meet Your Needs

There are a number of different automatic doors on the market, so you will have to make some choices before selecting the best one for your business. These doors are popular because they make life much easier. If you install one of these doors at the front of your business, potential customers like enter the store without having to push or pull the door. Likewise, if you install a door in your warehouse, it can make your staff much more productive.

Swinging Doors
Generally, swinging doors only allow for one-way traffic, so you will need to install at least two of them. These are the doors that you use to enter a supermarket, as they open automatically, allowing customers to push their shopping carts through them easily. These doors are designed for high traffic locations and they will stand up to this usage quite well. Most businesses will install glass doors with a metal frame, but you can utilize a different style when selecting your automatic doors. Aston, for example, has businesses that use seamless fiberglass for both their doors and frames. While this cuts down on visibility, it can lower maintenance costs because the doors will last longer.

Folding Doors
When installing a door in your warehouse, a folding option might be your best bet. This is because these doors do not take up much room and allow for two-way traffic. As a result, they do not waste any space, which is especially great if your warehouse has limited room. By having these doors open and close automatically, there is one less thing for your workers to worry about while on the job. It can help keep costs down as well, since the doors will close when no one is around them and this can lower your heating and cooling bills.

Steel Doors
Businesses that are in need of added security can go with stainless or galvanized steel doors. These doors can withstand all kinds of abuse and are almost impossible to penetrate. Keep in mind that you can add windows to these doors. The addition of these windows allows light to enter the building without sacrificing much in the way of security.

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