Choosing House Painters in San Antonio

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Construction And Maintenance

How do you know your house painters really know what they’re doing? Do they know how to create a consistent coat of paint and layer those coats appropriately? Don’t take a risk with house painters. San Antonio homeowners benefit most from choosing a licensed, professional team of contracting experts to get their paint jobs done correctly and efficiently. It is always worth more to get the job done right the first time than to cover up a bad paint job done by amateurs.

Interior Painting

Ready to refresh an old color or completely transform your room into something new? A full-service company will do an adequate prep job before starting any painting project. Beginning with a free in-home consultation, a painting professional visits your home to take a survey of the room in question. Prior to getting out the paint brushes, they will remove unwanted or water-damaged sheet rock, wallpaper or “popcorn” ceilings, taking care to sweep up and dispose of debris. On all walls, they will putty any holes, cover floors, furniture and valuables with protective tarp and cloth and properly tape and prime the walls and ceiling. Now you are ready for your chosen color or wall finish. Sound simple enough? It is for expert house painters in San Antonio.

Exterior Painting

Never underestimate the importance of a proper paint job to protect your home from the elements. Water and weather-resistant paint is a necessity for all properly maintained homes. A quality paint job is one of the key elements to adding value to your home, whether you wish to sell your home or to establish a new quality of life for your family. Once your old paint job has begun to flake near the siding and gutters, it is time to scrape those old coats off and most likely

consider a good power washing or bleaching. Excellent house painters in San Antonio know how the local weather affects architecture and will discuss the best plan of attack.

Which Color?

If you definitely know \your home needs repainting, but you do not know what color or finish it needs to be, all is not a loss. With a free in-home consultation with an expert interior designer, someone who has studied colors and finishes will share their expert opinions with you. You may be enlightened by an insight or color combination you may have never realized before. This is what separates an amateur house painter from a professional house painter.

For a free estimate with real licensed professional house painters in San Antonio, visit today to learn why it’s worth it to invest in a great job done right the first time.

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