Choosing A Collaborative Law Attorney in River Forest

When a couple has decided to go their separate ways, the process can often be taxing and very emotional on both ends of the relationship. Often those getting divorced have children caught in the middle, along with a mortgage and assets that need to be divided. While no one says divorce will be a happy and rewarding process, deciding to have a collaborative divorce instead of a lengthy litigation can make the process a lot easier. If you are thinking about getting a divorce, and want to know more about a Collaborative Law Attorney in River Forest, here are a few facts and helpful hints about the process and benefits.

It should first be stated that collaborative divorces are much faster, cheaper, and usually go much smoother than a typical divorce. The process is simple. Both parties decide, mutually, to go with a Collaborative Law Attorney in River Forest and choose to work as a team during the whole process. What makes collaborative divorces different from a typical divorce is the agreement to work together to dissolve the marriage instead of fighting each other.

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing parties agree to take the advice of neutral experts for all aspects of dividing the assets, and will often share the expert to lower the cost. The mutual experts advice the couple on such things as their mutual property value, what is in the best interest of child custody and the fair division of assets. This process also makes the division of the family a little less of a crisis.

A Collaborative Law Attorney in River Forest, additionally, has a responsibility to maintain the neutrality of both sides. This means that the attorney must hold up her end of the bargain and not pull under-handed tricks to get her client more out of the divorce than the other party. This agreement also extends to the divorcing parties. If the divorcing parties cannot come to a mutual understanding and work together to end their marriage, they are required to hire a divorce attorney and no longer work with the Collaborative Law Attorney in River Forest.

Choosing a collaborative divorce makes getting divorced much cheaper and a little less stressful on the family. Because both parties are working together, instead of fighting with each other, the couple can alleviate a lot of the conflict that divorce litigation can cause.

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