Choosing A Child Physician In Columbus, MS

For parents, finding a top child physician in Columbus, MS is a top priority when they move to the city or have their first baby. It can sometimes be overwhelming if you simply do an online search for pediatricians in your area as you may find that there are literally hundreds of doctors, clinics and offices around the city that offer these types of services.

Why a Child Physician?

Some parents may be tempted to use a general family physician to deal with the health issues of their child. While a primary physician or a family physician is certainly qualified to complete health care for a child, he or she does not have the specialized training that a child physician in Columbus, MS has.

In general a child physician in Columbus, MS will not only have specialized during their education and residency in the treatment of children from birth to adolescence but she or he will also be certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Ask for a Referral

Your family physician, OBGYN, local clinic or any doctor that you currently see can be a great source of information on a top child physician in Columbus, MS. This is true even if you are living in another city in the state as many doctors know colleagues in different locations they can call.

If your child is slightly older you can also ask school nurses, child care facility staff and even friends, relatives and neighbors to get some starting point names of child physician in Columbus, MS.

Do Your Research

The internet has made researching professionals very easy right from your own home. You can simply search for the name and review the physician’s website and practice information.

However, you should also follow-up and check with the state medical licensing board to ensure all licensing is up to date and there are no complaints against the professional.

You will also want to know if the doctor has hospital privileges and if so, at what hospitals in the area. This ensures that if you child becomes sick your child physician in Columbus, MS will be able to treat the child in the hospital rather than another professional. Also check office hours and general practice information and then, once you have reviewed the information, decide on the right doctor for your child.

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