How to Choose Commercial Air Conditioner Contractors in Longmont, CO

As with most things in life, when it comes to air conditioning the best solution to any problem is usually preventative. The best time to look into Commercial Air Conditioner Contractors in Longmont CO is before anything goes wrong with the existing system. Commercial property owners need to find an HVAC contractor who is experienced working in a commercial environment, as the cooling needs of commercial spaces are different from those of residential homes. Below are a few things to think about when choosing a contractor.

Basic Qualifications

The best bet when it comes to ensuring that any contractor meets basic qualifications such as appropriate licenses, carrying an insurance policy, and HVAC certification. Even when contracting through a reputable company it’s not a bad idea to verify an individual contractor’s license online through the state website or the Better Business Bureau. Any individual contractor should also be certified to perform any of the work intended.

Other Services Offered

A general HVAC contractor will be able to install and repair air conditioning systems, but they should also be able to work on furnaces and heating systems, repair air ducts, and provide basic maintenance for any commercial systems. There is no sense in hiring one company for air conditioning installation, another for heater installation, a third for repairs, and a fourth for basic maintenance. Hire one company or contractor that can do it all.

Specialized Experience

Climate control for commercial spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, offices, warehouses, and other spaces that make use of large rooms and see a lot of traffic is more complex than installing a residential air conditioner. The calculations involved in determining unit size and the equipment chosen itself are usually quite different. Be sure that the Commercial Air Conditioner Contractors in Longmont CO chosen for the job can provide references for other similar work that has been successfully completed. The professionals at Poudre Valley Air are dedicated technicians with experience working in a wide variety of commercial environments. They know how to scale equipment appropriately to provide a consistent level of comfort for clients and customers as well as employees.

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