Cheap Luxury Apartments in San Francisco California Do Not Exist

It may seem shocking to some that cheap luxury apartments aren’t really possible in San Francisco California and other areas. The term luxury means that things are better, and you should always expect to pay more for better quality. However, inexpensive luxury apartments could be possible, though you have to pay close attention to things to ensure that your inexpensive options don’t cost more.

Attractive Pricing

Developers and owners of these San Francisco apartments want you to notice them. Most people notice inexpensive and expensive options, but people are more interested in inexpensive options. However, when looking at lower-priced luxury options, make sure you know the terms of the lease and what will be required for financing purposes, as a low up-front cost could end up costing you more long term. You should also consider other fees that will be involved, as this could raise the overall price you pay.


While everyone wants to be able to afford their living space, it is not just up to your budget. You may well be able to afford a million dollar luxury apartment, but it wouldn’t make sense to pay that much just because you can. You want to find a good apartment that offers you the benefits you need with the lowest cost.


Large cities, such as San Francisco California will cost more. The cost of living is higher in these areas, meaning you will pay more for housing, food, clothing, transportation and everything else. If you want a good location, you will likely need to pay more for it than in a not-so-good location.

Decide what matters most to you, because there are a few options. If you don’t mind traveling longer to reach your job and favorite hangouts, you may be able to live in a more rural area, where apartments may be less expensive. However, if you want to be in the heart of everything and within walking distance to all the entertainment and travel options available, more urban settings are going to be your style.

Minimal Neighbors

There are many high-rise luxury apartments in many areas that offer inexpensive prices because they pack on the neighbors. If you have very small apartments with up to 40 units per floor, you can squeeze in more people and can take smaller amounts of money. However, most people want more space and fewer neighbors, which can also help with elevator delays during peak times.

Luxury apartments in San Francisco California are not as inexpensive as other housing options, but can still be affordable by selecting one from Bridgewater.

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