Certainteed Roofing in Waukesha, WI Can Protect Your Home

If a roof is leaking into the living area of a home or business, the roof requires immediate attention. A roof will last upstairs 20 years with a quality shingle installed. Metal roofing can last over 50 years. Choosing Certainteed roofing in Waukesha, WI means a homeowner has chosen one of the best roofing materials available. A homeowner should never wait to repair a leaking roof because it can cause structural damage.

A roofing company can perform a thorough investigation of a roof to determine why it’s leaking. They can also perform flat roof repairs, storm damage repair, shingle roof repairs, tile roof repair, and install metal roofs. A roofing company can re-roof, install Thermoplastic roof systems, rubber roof systems and built-up roof systems. Whatever type of roof a building needs, an experienced roofing company can help.

Stable Roofing Company

Not all roofing companies are stable. Many roofing companies are operated by unscrupulous individuals. A roofing contractor should be able to prove they pay their suppliers on a prompt basis. When a supplier isn’t paid, they have the right to put a lien on the home where their products were installed. This could limit a homeowner’s ability to sell their home with a lien on it. A roofing company should also be able to supply a lien waiver letter upfront. This must be done before the job begins.

The company that installs Certainteed roofing in Waukesha, WI should provide a current business license. The company should have been in business under the same name for at least ten years. Insurance certificates should also be provided before the job begins. A reliable roofing company will not request money upfront before the job begins. Checking on these items before a roofing project begins can save a home or business owner a lot of headaches.

If the roof on your home or business is old or looks worn out, now is the time to have it repaired or replaced by an experienced and reputable roofing company. Waukesha Roofing performs commercial and residential roofing. They have been in business for many years and provide outstanding roofing installation and repair.

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