Causes of Injured Knees

If you have an injury to your knee, then you can have excruciating discomfort while you are standing or walking. The knee is a complex joint that undergoes a lot of wear and tear, leading to cartilage, tendons or muscles that are damaged. This is a weight-bearing joint, so if you are overweight, then it is more likely to develop a problem. The knees are also more susceptible to an injury during a vehicular accident or from a blow while playing sports. Falling down slippery steps in the winter can also lead to an injury to the knees.

Surgery for Injured Knees

Knee pain in Barrington, Il, requires treatment right away because the discomfort will get worse. At home, you can apply ice packs or a heating pad to your knees along with resting, elevating your legs or taking store-bought pain relievers. However, if your knee is still hurting or if its appearance changes, then you must visit a medical specialist for assistance. When you have a torn tendon or broken cartilage, you may need surgery to correct the problem, but medical experts can also help you in other ways to overcome the problems from a knee injury.

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There are additional ways to treat knee pain in Barrington, including physical therapy or wearing a customized brace. An orthopedist can inject corticosteroids into the knee joint to reduce the inflammation that leads to swelling and discomfort. While you are having an examination for problems with a knee, the orthopedist can evaluate other problems that can lead to knee pain in Barrington, including back, hip or foot abnormalities, and treating these conditions can help you to overcome the discomfort in your knees. For additional information about your knees, contact Gitelis Orthopedics or visit our website.

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