Cat6 Patch Cables Keep Your Network Running Smoothly

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity in your office or you’d like to be able to run multiple electronic devices quickly at home, the solution may lie in the types of cables that you’re choosing. Cat6 patch cables are fantastic for those who are looking to enhance performance and increase speeds. These advanced cables are becoming more prominent in both commercial and residential networks and they won’t break the bank either.

Why is Increased Speed Important?
Even if you aren’t the kind of person that pays attention to graphics and gaming, the speed of your network can make a big difference in your overall productivity. From simple downloads to streaming video/data – this all depends on your network’s speed and abilities! When you’re connecting your devices together with Cat6 patch cables, you’re able to connect routers to computers, computers to modems and modems to wireless access points. This ensures that everything works together seamlessly to ensure there are no snags in your connection. Just one slow connection between these devices could spell major inconveniences, especially in a commercial setting.

An Easy Upgrade
Unlike having new hardware installed in your computer or completely reworking your networking, adding Cat6 patch cables to your system is a relatively simple upgrade. In fact, you probably won’t even need to call in an IT professional to make the switch. Simply swap out your current category 4 or category 5 cables with an upgraded version and you’ll be back up and running before you know it. There’s virtually no time wasted, which can be incredibly important for businesses that depend on their network to get things done.

Discover the Difference
Whether it’s slow download speeds or just a lag in your network overall, you’ll be amazed at the difference updating your cables can make. If you’re a business owner with multiple computers connected to one network or you live in a home with computers, gaming systems and tablets – you’ll find that both business and personal tasks become more enjoyable when speed isn’t compromised. Upgrade your network today and discover just how productive your home or business can be!

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