Carpet For Odd-Shaped Rooms With Remnants In Charlotte

Carpet remnants in Charlotte can help carpet that odd-shaped room.  Remnant carpet is often significantly less expensive than purchasing wall-to-wall carpet.  For small rooms, runners, and other solutions, consider it with confidence.  Remnants are the same quality, and in fact, the same carpets as the more expensive cost per square foot wall-to-wall; it is just the leftovers from installations.  Every shade, pattern, and texture is available in remnants to help you customize the look of your room.  Additionally, remnants can be professionally bound to make area rugs more finished and durable.

Best Rooms For Carpet Remnants

Most rooms in your home can benefit from the addition of a new carpet or area rug.  If you have a smaller room that needs carpeting, even wall-to-wall, you may be able to find remnants that will be ideal for the space, at a significant cost savings.  This works particularly well if you have to remove the carpet because of wear, a stain, or a tear.  A hallway that needs a runner or an entry hall that needs an accent can benefit from a beautiful area rug created from a reasonably priced remnant of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Binding Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants in Charlotte can be easily bound and finished to add elegance to any room.  There are many professional options available, and often the store you purchase your remnant from will offer the service.  However, if you are more of a DIY person, you may try the task yourself.  It does require special equipment including a carpet needle, a thimble, jute thread and binding.  Of course, you can choose contrasting colors for the binding and thread, or find them that match the color of the remnant.

How To Bind Carpet Remnant Yourself

The first step is to lay the carpet remnant out as flat.  Protect your finger by wearing a thimble as you go. Measure the length and width of the remnant and cut the binding three inches longer for each side. Thread the needle and evenly fold the binding tape over the edge of the carpet.  Start on the end closest to you, pull the thread from the bottom to the top, and secure the backside with a knot.  There are a number of stitches you can employ; however, it is easiest to do a whip stich.  When you get to the far corner edge round the corner and continue.  When you start on the next piece, folder under a small portion of the binding to create a smooth edge and start at the corner, covering a portion of the edge.  Continue around the carpet, making your stitches as evenly spaced as possible.

Remnants are a great cost-effective solution for any room in your home.  They are available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and materials, just like the wall-to-wall carpets they were cut from.  Wools, polyesters, fine blends and other are available as remnants in Charlotte.

Remnant carpets are perfect solutions for creating runners, area rugs, or carpeting small rooms. A wide array of remnants in Charlotte is available at fine stores. Visit a flooring showroom today to see your options and ask about professional binding services.

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