Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

You’re busy. You’ve got a full time job, a family to take care of and pets you love because they are a member of your family. You do your best to keep your house clean, but cleaning your carpets? Who has time for that?

How to Clean a Carpet
You have lots of everyday reasons that your carpet needs to be cleaned, not the least of which is the way your family lives. They aren’t a mess, they’re just active. Someone is always running in or running out. Your carpets are bound to get a little dirty. Then there’s the occasional accident. Someone spills, someone forgets to take off muddy shoes or Rover has a little accident. Spot cleaning may be fine for all of that, but for the really deep cleaning that your carpets could really use, you need a professional.

Reasons NOT to Use a Wet Cleaner
When considering what kind of cleaner to use, wet or dry, consider these disadvantages to using a wet cleaning method:
* You’ve got to wait hours or days before you can actually walk on your carpets again
* Wet wears down your carpet and shortens its life span
* Wet cleaning only masks pet stains and odors
* It increases mold and mildew in the air
* Detergents can be left in the carpet and attract dirt

If these are things you’d rather not experience, then the dry carpet cleaning method is probably for you. It’s safe, environmentally friendly, leaves your carpets clean and the stains and odors will not reappear. There’s no need for you to get on your hands and knees, scrub and repeat. It will never work. You can try all the concoctions your friends and family have posted on the internet, or you can do the easy, effective and reasonable thing – you can get a professional who knows carpet cleaning. Tacoma WA (its businesses and residents) know this is the best method for them. You’ll save time, money and you’ll know that most carpet manufacturers recommend this for their products. You’ll also be saving your family from the inconvenience of not being able to walk in a room until the carpets are dry.

For clean, fresh carpets, without the wet, visit and see what the professionals at Advanced Dry Carpet can do for you and your home. At Advanced Dry Carpets they believe you should water your lawn, not your carpets.

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