Caring for New Paint After Auto Collision Repair in Newport News, VA

During auto collision repair in Newport News, VA, the technicians likely will be applying paint to replacement components to achieve an exact match with the rest of the vehicle. The customer is probably unaccustomed to driving and caring for an automobile that has had some new paint just recently applied. It’s important to follow certain guidelines to avoid causing any damage to this material.

Stay Off Gravel

The new finish needs time to harden to become fully protective. Technicians providing auto collision repair in Newport News, VA, instruct customers on activities to avoid that could cause chips in the paint. For example, the driver should stay off of gravel roads for the first few months whenever possible because flying stones can cause flaws in the new finish. If the owner must drive on gravel, slowing down minimizes the risk.

Don’t Spill Fluids

When the vehicle owner needs to add fluid to containers under the hood, avoiding spilling onto fresh paint is important for preventing damage. That includes oil, power steering fluid, coolant and any other chemicals. The same is true for gasoline when adding more fuel. Immediately wiping away any spills with a soft wet cloth is imperative.

Gentle Washing

Auto body technicians can provide advice on how to gently wash the car at home with mild soap during this time frame. They may recommend not bringing the vehicle to any commercial car washes, and especially those that use brushes or fabric strips. Collision repair service can be completed at Bruce’s Super Body Shops.

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