Is my car a scrap car?

Time to get rid of that old car. How do you know if it is a scrap car? Sometimes it is hard to admit that your car is now scrap. Many people get very sentimental about their cars – almost like an old friend or a loyal servant. So take an honest look at it and give it some serious thought. You need to answer a few questions about your car: Is it older than year model 2000? Does it have over 200,000 kilometres? Is there over 200 pounds in body damage? Does it run? If you think you may have a junk car it may time to look for cash for cars in Cheltenham.

But the internet says it is worth more

Why does the internet list your car value so high? Well first off the internet is not buying your car. Also, the sites giving approximate car values are looking at “retail ready” vehicles. And honestly, if you car was retail ready – would you be getting rid of it? When they list these perfect world prices it is similar to a vehicle manufacturer estimating the fuel consumption. Rarely would you actually get the performance the manufacturer suggests. These estimates are always artificially inflated. It may be easier to get cash for cars in Cheltenham. You can get paid for your car quickly and easily. Many of the companies will pick up your car within a day or two.

What happens next?

After you sell your car for cash what happens next? First, it must go through rigorous depollution. The substances included in depollution include tyres, batteries, glass, plastic etc. All the fluids are removed i.e. petrol, brakes, even windshield washer fluid. The fluids are recycled. Many of the parts will be reused – body panels, seats, engine parts, anything that can be sold as is for reuse. Then the remainder of the car is broken down into component parts for recycling. About 75% of the vehicle is recycled. So very little ends up going into the landfills.

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