Are you a candidate for braces?

At any one time it is thought that about three million US teenagers wear braces with the reasons for needing them varying somewhat from one patient to the next. You may notice that your teeth are crooked or not shaped right it will normally be the dentist who first brings up the subject of braces and associated orthodontics. Orthodontics in Cyprus are not necessarily something that is done by your regular family dentist so you may be referred to a specialist dentist; an orthodontist.

Often, with their access to X-Rays the family dentist will see things that are yet to be visible. At this time, normally when the patient is about seven or eight years old the young patient will see the orthodontist. Although this may seem young it is not, it allows the specialist to employ early preventative measures that might eliminate the need for braces in the future, either way it is never too early or too late to get braces.

During the first visit to an orthodontist a complete visual examination is undertaken. The dentist will be paying particular attention to the structure of the face and teeth. Later, after the visual examination is finished the patient and dentist, and the parents if the patient is a minor will discuss the findings and what and when corrective measures should take place. Once there is complete agreement the orthodontist plans the correct course of action. Initially the patient will have full face X-Rays, the dentist will make a model of the teeth the way they are and take numerous photographs which record the current state of the oral cavity and face. It is all this accumulated data that is used to formulate the plan of attack.

Why do some people need braces and others don’t?

There is an ideal position for the upper and lower teeth, when this condition is not met and the patients bite is incorrect braces are needed to slowly improve the situation. Technically an over or under bite are known as occlusions, it is a method of describing the current teeth alignment using a molar as the bench mark or reference point. There are three types of occlusions that can be corrected by Orthodontics in Cyprus.

The gold standard type 1 occlusion is when there is an ideal relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Type 2 is an over-bite situation where the upper jaw protrudes and type 3 is the under bite, this is a situation where the lower jaw protrudes forward.

Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry that focuses its skill on treating a malocclusion or a “bad bite.” If you or your dentist notices that your teeth are misaligned you are invited to make an appointment with Finesse Orthodontics in Cyprus.

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