Can you Over-Clean your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth might seem a straightforward exercise, but you’d be alarmed how many of us make simple errors in how we brush and with what. Many of us have fallen into habits that may not be positive. And sometimes even though we think we’re doing the right thing, we might find ourselves making an unnecessary trip to the dentist. Make sure you choose the right brush. It can sometimes be confusing, as there appear to be many varieties, but the best toothbrush is one that fits easily into your mouth. Any strain in your jaw, and the brush is too large. For the vast majority of us, the best toothbrush is a soft-bristle.

Scrubbing at your mouth might ‘feel’ as if you’re ensuring your teeth are sparkling clean, but the truth might surprise you. It only takes a little brushing to remove bacteria and acid. Too hard and too frequent brushing, you run the risk of damaging sensitive gums. Equally, your teeth are not as hard as you might believe. Vigorous brushing has been linked to wear of dentine – the softer part of your teeth which is protected by your gums. Abrasive brushing reveals the dentine, and this can be worn away more quickly than the harder enamel on the top of your teeth. Exposing dentine can have other effects too, including increasing sensitivity to cold food and drinks. If you do not brush your teeth correctly, then you could end up needing a Periodontist in San Jose. Lack of brushing can lead to serious gum diseases.

Brushing twice a day is recommended with only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. It is not necessary to have any more. Brushing in gentle circular motions, rather than using a sawing motion, helps remove food, bacteria and any acid remaining. Take the time clean all of the tooth surfaces, including the back of your teeth! Brushing behind your teeth can help reduce the build-up of tartar. It is possible to ‘over-clean’ your teeth, but the damage will be felt in the gums and your softer dentine. The danger is in revealing nerve endings and hastening gum related problems. Make sure that you and your family brush between two and three minutes a day, twice a day after meals. This is more than ample to ensure your teeth are sparkling.

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