What Can You Expect From the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vero Beach, FL?

Worker’s compensation laws were put into effect to ensure injured workers were able to receive the wage replacement and insurance benefits they deserve while recovering from work-related injuries. The laws were also put in place to protect employers from lawsuits. Unfortunately, injured workers are sometimes denied the benefits they deserve. When this happens, individuals need to consider hiring the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vero Beach FL.

Reasons Workers Are Denied Benefits

There are many reasons an employer or insurance company might deny a worker’s compensation claim. Understanding the common reasons for denial is important, so injured workers will be prepared. Some common reasons include:

  *     The claim was not filed in time.

  *     The employer disputes the injury occurred at work.

  *     The injury was not severe enough.

  *     Pre-existing injuries were present.

  *     The proper forms were not filed.

  *     The injured worker was not compliant.

It is important injured workers understand denials can happen, and they are not always fair. This is why the worker’s compensation laws allow injured workers to appeal the decision. Unfortunately, the average person may not be aware of the Florida worker’s compensation laws, so they are ill-equipped to properly pursue their appeals. Hiring the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vero Beach FL makes the appeal process much easier and allows individuals to focus on recovering from their injuries.

The injured worker must file an appeal with the Division of Administrative Hearings. Once the appeal is filed, the hearing will be scheduled within forty days. The hearing is much like one that occurs in a courtroom, but there is no jury present. It will be up to the judge to make the determination of whether or not the injured worker will receive the worker’s compensation benefits they are seeking.

Call For an Appointment

Injured workers deserve worker’s compensation benefits while they recover. Those who have been injured on the job have the right to appeal when their benefits are denied. To schedule a consultation appointment, contact Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille right away. The lawyer will work to help a client receive the benefits they deserve for their work-related injuries. A consultation appointment will start the process.

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