How To Buy Syringes Online

There are many different options to consider when you buy syringes. In general, and perhaps one of the most important considerations, is to understand clearly what you are buying. Often people assume that different terms used to describe medical equipment can be interchanged when, in fact, this is not always the case.

What is a Syringe and Needle?

When most people go to buy syringes they are actually looking for syringe/needle set. In very specific terms the syringe is the body or reservoir that holds the liquid that is to be injected. It is usually clear plastic with demarcations in ccs for accurate measurements. The syringe also has a plunger that is used to draw liquid into the syringe as well as to push the liquid out of the reservoir.

The needle is the metal tube that attaches to the syringe and enters the body. Needles can be longer or shorter and come in a variety of gauges, which is the bore size or thickness of the needle. Longer needles with a larger gauge are used most commonly for intramuscular injections while shorter and smaller gauged needles are most commonly used for subcutaneous injections as seen in diabetes needles.

If you are buying online be sure if you are buying syringes that you either buy the necessary needles or look check to make sure you are buying syringes with needles. Syringes without needles may be listed as “no tip” as well.

Buy in Bulk

If you are looking for the best possible prices when you buy syringes then online is definitely your best option. When you buy syringes online be sure to compare the prices for different quantities. Typically if you are buying just the syringe or the syringe/needle combination you will find that the price per unit drops dramatically when you buy in bulk.

Remember that when you buy syringes they can be used over a very long period of time provided they are stored in a dry area away from dust and moisture. They are sterile when they ship, just check to verify this information, and they will remain sterile until use with just a few precautions.

Always buy syringes that are single use only for maximum safety with each use. A Sharps container to safely dispose of used syringes is a lot cost option to add to your order.

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