Build It Better With an Aluminum Framing in Ocean City NJ

If you are looking to build work carts, worktables, fixtures, safety enclosures, machine enclosures, inventory management systems, or shelving, you are going to need a framing system. Of course, there are several types of framing systems from which you can choose. However, an aluminum T slot framing system is the right choice for these projects and many more. Why? Keep reading and I will share the benefits of an aluminum framing in Ocean City, NJ with you.

Why an Aluminum Framing System?

With an aluminum T Slot framing system, your building potential is virtually limitless. Your construction times are greatly increased as well, because the frame can be assembled easily with connecting fasteners, like nuts and screws. There are no welded joints, which saves you time and money, and gives you the ability to adjust or move the aluminum extrusions quickly. Additionally, the aluminum T slot framing system is lightweight, but strong enough to handle almost any type of application.

There is another important reason to choose an aluminum framing in Ocean City, NJ. Aluminum is ecologically friendly. Because it is so easily recyclable, 75 percent of the aluminum ever made in the world is still in use today. In fact, almost 40 percent of the aluminum supply used in the United States is recycled aluminum.

Is an Aluminum Framing System Really Better Than a Steel One?

Steel is supposed to be strong, right? After all, Superman was often referred to as the “man of steel”, not the “man of aluminum.” This nickname gave us all the impression that he was unbreakable and completely impervious to harm of any kind – unless, of course, he was exposed to kryptonite. Then, all bets were off. You can crush an aluminum can with just a few pounds of pressure. So, why would we choose an aluminum framing over a steel one? It’s easy. Aluminum weighs less, which makes it less awkward to assemble. It is surprisingly strong and durable, however. An aluminum framing is certainly sturdy enough for most applications, including work carts, work tables, and shelving units. An aluminum framing in Ocean City, NJ is also easier to assemble than steel. Steel framing systems require welding. An aluminum one, however, can be quickly pieced together with connecting fasteners. The aluminum framing is also more cost effective than its steel counterpart. Aluminum does not rust. Finally, aluminum is more malleable than steel, which means it can be formed into different shapes more easily.

If you need an ecologically friendly, lightweight yet durable frame, choose an aluminum framing in Ocean City, NJ. Contact South Jersey Glass & Door for more information.

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