Build A Career In Modeling With A Great Model Portfolio

In the movie and modeling industry, your biggest asset is your looks. Whether you are a professional model or a newbie signed up with a modeling agency or a freelance model, the one thing that you ought to have is a great Model Portfolio. A modeling portfolio is your key to opportunities in the industry, as such; it has to be very enticing and should effectively market your assets and potentials to your clientele.

There are actually few rules when it comes to creating an acting or modeling portfolio. First of all, it must look professional so that casting directors and potential clients will consider you a pro, regardless of your actual ‘skill level’ or experience. What makes it look profession is the inclusion of a well-crafted resume. This document must reflect all your experiences relevant to modeling or acting as well as any trainings or education that you have completed. The most important parts of your Model Portfolio are your photographs. In fact, a portfolio should be a compilation of a variety of pictures such as full-body shots, headshots, swimsuit and fashion photos that showcases your strengths and versatility.

Remember that in any modeling audition, you are competing not just with a dozen of applicants but with hundreds or even thousands of models. Over the recent years, the modeling industry has grown so much. Clients can easily hire freelance models online through websites that advertise free online Model Portfolio. This requires that you come up with a competitive portfolio that will attract your target clientele.

In order to showcase your potentials and be able to land more castings, you want to work with an experienced photographer who is specializing in headshots. You have to remember that people in the modeling and fashion industry are visual and graphic experts, typically fashion designers, fashion editors, photographers, casting directors, graphic designers, makeup artists, and so on. It is recommended that you hire the services of an excellent photographer so that you will be properly guided in choosing which prints to add in your Model Portfolio.

Casting directors want portfolios that are expansive and diverse, highlighting the model’s natural look. Focus not on the number of pictures in your compilation but instead on the quality of the photos. Usually, 10 to 12 professional photos are enough to showcase your personality. There are some casting directors who shy away from models and agencies that have very thick portfolios but really lack substance. If you have appeared in some advertisements, be sure to include them in your modeling portfolio as it clients prefer models with badges to brag about.

You want your Model Portfolio to be a composite of different photography techniques and themes — and not just a mere portfolio of a certain photographer. If possible, have different photographers take your photos so that you can suit into various styles and show your flexibility in work. Aside from the looks of the model, clients are also particular about the skill of the model and how they are able to work with different people.


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