Bringing A New Kitten To A Vet In Bowie

When someone acquires a new kitten, they will want to take the steps needed in caring for it in the best way possible. There are a few activities the new pet owner will want to take to ensure their new cat remains in the best of health. Here are some tips a new kitten owner can take in caring for their pet properly.

Bring The Kitten To A Veterinarian

It is extremely important to make an appointment with a vet in Bowie as soon as possible. The kitten will have a complete evaluation to make sure it is in good health, and the vet will make recommendations should there be any injuries or health problems present. They will then discuss the option in getting the kitten spayed or neutered in the near future. They will also advise the new pet owner on the proper feeding schedule depending on the kitten’s health assessment.

Purchase Products To Care For The Cat

A kitten will require a place to use for waste. A litter pan and cat litter can be placed in an area of the home out of the way of those living inside. Place the kitten inside of the pan, so it becomes accustomed to its location. It will only take a day or two before the kitten uses this area for elimination regularly. A kitten will also need bowls for food and water. Toys can also be purchased to give the kitten a bit of entertainment.

Play With The New Pet Often

A kitten will require some playtime to keep it active. They will enjoy being petted and playing with toy mice or jingling balls. Make sure to hold the kitten each day and talk to it often, so it becomes familiar with their new owner. This will give the pet a sense of security as well.

When there is a need to find a vet in Bowie to give a kitten a check-up, calling prospects to inquire about their pricing and availability may be necessary. Contact Gambrills Veterinary Center to find out more about the services they offer to animals and to schedule an appointment today.

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