Brief History Of WEG Electric Motors

Brief History Of WEG Electric Motors

If you are looking for an electric motor in Texas, chances are you might be considering those produced by WEG. WEG electric motors have a sterling reputation in global markets. They are, in fact, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric motors. While currently producing other products, their success began first with the electric motor.

Beginning with the Electric Motor

In September 1961, three men, Werner Ricardo Voigt, Eggon João da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus, an electrician, a manager and a mechanic, came together to form a company. They founded Eletromotores Jaraguá. They continued operations of their major product – an electric motor, for several years before deciding to change the name of the company to Eletromotores WEG SA. The new name accomplished three separate goals:

  1. It retained a part of the past – the Eletromotores – electric motors being the key to their initial and subsequent success
  2. WEG acknowledged the key role of the founder by using the first initials of their first names
  3. SA informed people of the location and roots of the company – South America

By the 1980s, WEG decided to diversify. While electric motors remained their constant, they began to move towards the production of other components including electronic parts, transformers, industrial automation products, insulating varnishes and powdered and liquid paints. Over the year, this company, the largest electric motor producer in Latin America, climbed to rank among the top five of the largest manufacturers of electric motors globally. Today, they export their products to more than 100 countries and have branch offices operating on every continent.

As Latin America’s market leader and among the five largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world, WEG exports to over 100 countries and has branch and customer service offices on all five continents.

Qualities of WEG Electric Motors

WEG motors are known for their ability to provide reliable service. They are capable of enduring long running times without interruptions due to maintenance issues. These highly technologically developed compact units can handle severe duty applications while providing excellent performance. The latest models combine various qualities such as:

  • High efficiency some models offer up to 96% energy efficiency
  • Exacting safety measures
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration levels
  • Versatility
  • Sturdy design
  • Worldwide interchangeability (WG20)
  • ATEX-compliant geared motors
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Explosion proof (W22X series)
  • Flameproof

WEG currently provides a wide variety of electric motor options, including ultra-compact water-cooled motors.

WEG Electric Motors

Hailing from South America, WEG offers one of the most comprehensive lines of electric motors available today. Their products are distributed globally. In Texas, several companies currently are licensed to sell WEG products. For those who believe in quality, reliability and versatility, one of the various types of WEG electric motors can provide exactly what they are looking.