Boosting your Company Ego with Web Design

One of the first points of contact that a customer might have with your company is not what you think. You might consider that they would meet an employee and get their impression of you, or perhaps they might see your commercial on TV or maybe even visit your store, place of business or a branch. However, most of the time, none of those will give as strong an impression as your website. Your website kind of lays your company out on an examination table for people to openly observe and criticize. They will notice just how well the site works—or not—and they will pick out spelling errors, they will notice how easy it is to navigate—or how difficult, they will rate how interesting it is to view and many other flaws that you thought were excellent selling points.

Your online customers are the ones who shop on your site, look for your products and services via your website and recommend their friends and family to visit your site and buy from you. They want your site to look appealing, interesting, interactive and to flow smoothly without hitches and glitches. There is nothing to make a website look so unprofessional as a spelling error or a broken link. Those tiny details can give you a good reputation or a terrible one with your prospective—now ex-prospective—customers. It doesn’t need to be flashy or snazzy, but it does have to captivate and hold your customer’s attention. They have to want to stick around, follow link, buy your goods or order your services and the only way you can effectively achieve your goals is to attract web traffic based on your professionalism and your ability to create a site that holds their attention and draws them in.

Web Design

As with any other city, in Duluth web design is based on local or national customers who ask for web services. Many will be state wide and others will be nationwide with customers around the country. You have to make yourself accessible to those customer’s you are trying to reach and attract. Using search engine optimization is the best way to attract traffic to your site. SEO concentrates on the use of specific keywords that people can type to bring your website to the top of the list in searches.

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