Boost Your Trade Show Traffic: Buy A Portable Bar

logo.117There is something that is universally appealing to people about the offer of food, beverages or tasty treats at a convention, trade show or exhibition. Many vendors give away those traditional little trinkets such as zip drives, pens or key chains, but imagine how you clients would appreciate a cappuccino, latte or a smoothie or a sample of an edible product you are marketing. This can all be done if you simply buy a portable bar and add it to your floor space area.

When you are looking to buy a portable bar for this type of use consider it as part of your standard booth area furniture. Depending on the company that you use to buy a portable bar you may have the option to fully customize the colors, designs and features of the portable bar.

Branding and Beyond

When you choose to buy a portable bar look for the space on the surfaces of the bar that can be used to add to your marketing and branding options. The front panel of the bar can provide several extra feet of space to display your company name, logo or pictures of the products you are selling.

The frame, top and side panels can features your company colors or they can be uniquely designed to complement or highlight the products and services that you offer. This subtle use of company colors, logos and brands will help to reinforce your product in your customer’s mind.

A Chance to Interact

An additional feature to consider if you are deciding to buy a portable bar is the interaction factor. Potential customers may not approach a table of brochures for fear of being trapped by a sales rep that wants to give them a sales spiel. However, a person browsing through the display is much more likely to come up to a bar for a custom coffee, an edible treat or a beverage.

This also provides your sales people with a readily available audience to talk about the giveaways at the bar as well as your company and products. When you buy a portable bar and add it to your trade show display you really are creating a completely different environment and one that will generate interest in your area of the floor.

Stop and consider the benefits you will have if you buy a portable bar for your next trade show, convention or conference. To see the models we offer view our products online.

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