Bomb Blast Curtains to Save Lives and Money

mitigationtechnologiesMuch of the effectiveness of any terrorist operation is gauged in the number of casualties an explosive device will cause.  While the best solution is thwarting a potential attack before it takes place through real-time intelligence, history has proven that there will be instances when this is simply not possible.  Thus, the attention is equally focused around the best ways to protect lives and property.  Although there are indeed numerous means to help accomplish this, some of the most cost-effective solutions centre around what are known as bomb blast net curtains.  In fact, this technology may very well be unfamiliar to those that are not involved in the security industry.  It is for this reason that it proves wise to have a quick look at how these devices operate and are installed.

Quick Installation

First and foremost, a threat assessment will be carried out on a certain location.  Such variables as the amount of foot traffic, proximity to highways and the number and types of windows will all be noted.  Thereafter, bomb blast net curtains will be configured to the specific dimensions of the window they are meant to protect.  These curtains will be anchored at the top of a window (much like a normal curtain would appear).  They will hang freely and at their base, a trough is located.  This trough is designed to capture any loose material as it is forced through the window as a result of the blast.

Robust Protection Levels

It has been statistically shown that up to 85% of all blast injuries are the result of flying glass and debris.  These bomb blast net curtains will literally act very much like a net; capturing the bulk of the debris before it will have a chance to enter into the building itself.  These devices are constructed of a strong and yet lightweight mesh; therefore giving them the ability to appear much like a normal curtain.  Nonetheless and in the event of a significant blast event, the levels of protection that they offer cannot be overstated.

Finally, these modern curtains are frequently one of the most cost-effective solutions for properties that are considered high value such as government offices or military installations.  Still, these curtains are also popular within public centers that may be equally attractive as terrorist targets.  While very few passers-by will even be aware of their existence, these curtains will have the ability to save countless lives.

These are a few of the reasons why bomb blast net curtains are so valuable.  To learn more, take a look at

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