Boiler Repair in Bainbridge Island Returns Radiant Heat to Normal Working Order

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A boiler system for heating includes a heater with water and a network of pipes bringing hot water to the rooms. Radiators against the wall or pipes under the floor distribute the heat. The system is also used to provide domestic hot water in the building. Boiler Repair in Bainbridge Island is available from licensed heating and cooling contractors.

Fuel Types

Boilers can be operated with several types of fuel. Most homeowners run them on natural gas since they can have their homes hooked up to the municipal utility. Rural dwellers typically must use a different fuel. Propane is the most common, but some choose oil or wood. A wood-fired boiler operates like a wood furnace or wood stove, requiring routine loading of wood into the equipment to keep the system running. If the fire burns out, the boiler cannot provide heat.

Flushing and Cleaning

A variety of symptoms indicate the need for Boiler Repair in Bainbridge Island. Strange noises may indicate that scale and debris have built up inside the boiler, in which case it should be emptied, flushed, and cleaned out. Minerals from the water and sediment can build up just as with a water heater.

In fact, having this type of work completed by a contractor such as West Sound Comfort Systems can be considered routine maintenance, just as flushing a car’s radiator and refilling it with new, clean fluid is. Both of these actions extend the lifespan of the equipment and help it perform at peak effectiveness.

Malfunctions in the Pipe Network

Sometimes, one or more rooms no longer have heat even when the system is operating and other rooms continue to be warm. A malfunction may have occurred within the pipe network, such as a valve failing.

In other cases, the system quits working altogether. The household residents notice the issue only when the home starts to get chilly. Since normally the boiler makes very little noise, nobody notices when the boiler stops turning on. This is much different than a forced-air furnace, as that system blowing air into the rooms with a motorized fan makes obvious noise.

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