Blow molding and quality suppliers

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Custom blow molding is a simple process to understand and is a versatile solution to produce a massive range of components and products.  Melted beads of colored plastics or resins are injected into a mold, producing the desired product.  Plastic, a by-product of the oil industry, has become so common that there are probably few things around us in which it is not used.  Finding a quality supplier however, is not always as easy.

Quality and experience

Custom blow molding allows you to create exactly what you need, when it comes to the product you’re working on.  The process is simple and flexible and this means that many suppliers can offer cost-effective solutions.  However, many also simply produce standard products, so where higher levels of customization are required it pays to check that they have this capability.  Quality is also a significant factor to consider.  Plastic molded products often need to be high quality – containers for chemicals are a good example.  Ask for samples and references from previous clients, especially if you work in a specialist industry.

Ownership and rights

When it comes to custom molding it can be useful to establish who will own the molds.  Some companies will help you design and create these, but retain ownership.  It can be important for a number of reasons to own the mold as well as the finished product.  This allows you to transfer to another supplier in future, if necessary, and means minimum delay in producing more of the same product when you do.

Demand and no supply

Further background checks that can be helpful include a credit check on the company.  If they do not pay suppliers regularly or on time, supply chain issues could affect your order.  You should also ask prospective partners if they have alternative suppliers, in the event that one of their current ones should let them down.  While the raw materials are widely available, small delays in finding an alternative supplier can be costly.

Comparing the details

Custom molding is a simple process and is therefore cost effective.  However, price is always a consideration. It’s a good idea to shortlist a number of potential suppliers and then consider asking them to tender for the job.  Give each company the same specifications and consider the lead time to delivery and their capacity, as well as the unit cost.

Clack Corporation has been a provider of industrial water treatment products, molded custom containers, tanks and commercial equipment for water treatment for over 65 years. When it comes to custom blow molding, the company prides itself on producing innovative, high quality solutions that customers can rely on.

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