Best Things to Remember When Buying From an Upholstery Store in Brooklyn, NY

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Upholstery Store

Shopping for new upholstery for your furniture can be both a confusing and stressful prospect. However, you can lessen these feelings by making sure to keep a few specific things in mind before you go into upholstery stores near Brooklyn, NY.

Remember the Occupants of Your House
Having pets or small kids in the home will require a different type of upholstery than if you are living alone or with a partner. For instance, for pets and kids, you will want something more rugged and easy to clean. If this does not define your home, then you have more freedom to choose upholstery that is more luxurious or delicate.

Consider the Shape of the Furniture
What many people may not realize is that the furniture shape has a direct correlation with what looks good in terms of color and design. For the most part, for larger pieces you will want to stick with solid colors instead of intricate patterns and multicolored fabrics. These look better as too much cutting and placing can create havoc with certain types of patterns.

Try It Before You Buy It
Of course, if the fabric that you want is already on the showroom floor, then you can see it in person and feel it so that you can get a great idea as to how it will look on your furniture. If you are going for a custom option, ask the upholstery stores near Brooklyn, NY if they can provide a large swatch that you can take home and place on your furniture to see how it will look.

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