The Best SUV in Salt Lake City

SUVs are not only convenient to have but they have so many uses, and they beat having any other car or minivan as they can act in both capacities. If you value good performance in cars and would rather have bigger sitting place in your personal vehicle, then buying a used SUV in Salt Lake City will be the best solution. There are a lot of good vehicles that can give you this service, and you do not have to pay much for them.

Subaru forester

You can get the Subaru forester to serve you like a small SUV because of its reliability. It will continue to serve you best even after a decade of use and you can use it to carry some loads that are not too heavy. This is a good utility vehicle for everyday use especially for those people who travel a lot in rough areas.

Ford Escape

Many people love the Ford Escape because of its crossover nature and mainly because it costs less than the ford explorer. The 2000 model is still good and functional, and it is a popular SUV for people who love big cars. The 2013 model of the same vehicle is termed better because it is more economical in terms of fuel, but you will probably find it hard to get a used one.

The Honda CR-V

This vehicle is not only the best compact vehicle, but it is also good when it comes to gas mileage. You can get models that are front wheel drives and those that are four wheel drives. The four wheel drive is perhaps better when you want it to serve you like a light truck and if you travel on rough patches of land every day.

Toyota land cruiser

This is not only the longest running series of Toyota vehicles, but it is also among the best full sized SUVs you can buy. It is a big car so you will be able to use it for the whole family and if for tours and expeditions. The four wheel drive is used by people who visit South Sudan and Australian deserts, both of which have rough terrain.

You will also find other models of SUV in Salt Lake City on sale, and these could include Chevrolet Tahoe and Equinox models, the land rover models and the Mercedes Benz GL class.

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