Best Dental Care Services In Elk Grove Village

Good oral care can be a great deterrent against health issues like gum disease and heart-related illnesses. However, finding a dentist who makes you feel comfortable while providing a wide range of services can be hard. You will want someone you can trust.

Trust our dental office in Elk Grove Village. Here, Dr. Homann and his staff can handle all of your dental needs, from general dentistry, cosmetic services, to sleep apnea and more. Starting with a good foundation, we can help you achieve a life-long healthy smile.

Preventative care is where your oral health begins. Start early with examinations for the children. Learning to properly brush and floss, as well as routine cleanings, can be a great deterrent against cavities and other oral problems. X-rays can identify problems and will help in early diagnosis and treatment.

Even with the best of care, sometimes a tooth will break or crack. Decay can cause a cavity. Composite material can be used to repair cracks and cavities. The resin used is white, like a natural tooth. If the tooth is badly damaged, or if more than one tooth is involved, crowns and bridges may be necessary to maintain your oral integrity.

While your smile may be healthy and strong, it may not have the appearance you would like. Stains from medications, coffee, or smoking, may have dulled your teeth. Whitening options could be the answer. Trays with bleach products can be used to produce a whiter smile. There are also in-office procedures to help. Gaped or chipped teeth can be fixed with porcelain veneers. These veneers will give you the appearance of straight teeth, without orthodontia. Our dental office in Elk Grove Village even offers a ‘snap-on’ smile for instant results.

Contact Brian Homann, DDS, today to start your journey to a healthy smile.

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