The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Accident Attorney in Beaver Dam WI

There are countless causes of accidents that can result in costly and severe personal injuries. Sadly, many individuals are unaware that they may be legally entitled to receive compensation for both their injuries and the repercussions of these injuries. However, insurance companies are usually quick to offer an initial settlement, but this settlement is usually far less than what an experienced personal injury attorney can recover. Fortunately, for those needing an Accident Attorney Beaver Dam WI is served by a law firm that collectively has over 50 years of experience defending the rights of accident victims.

The personal injury team at Quincey, Becker, Schuessler, Chase & Devitt specializes in helping accident victims receive the compensation they may be legally entitled. One of the most cunning tactics used by insurance adjusters is offering accident victims relatively small cash settlements. Accident victims may be in dire of need of money to pay for mounting bills, and often this initial settlement is extremely appealing. However, accident attorneys are typically able to recover substantially more than this amount. In fact, some studies suggest an attorney may recover over four times the amount initially offered by the insurance company. As a result, accident victims are advised to speak with an attorney before accepting a settlement offer.

Luckily, for those needing an Accident Attorney Beaver Dam WI is home to a law firm that provides current and potential clients with free consultations. Quincey, Becker, Schuessler, Chase & Devitt understands that determining whether an attorney is needed usually requires experienced legal advice. It is important for the attorney to have experience with similar matters. This allows them to better determine whether corrective legal action is available. To accommodate accident victims, this firm offers free comprehensive consultations. During a consultation, an attorney will explain the legal options available and provide the client with both the benefits and consequences of pursuing each option.

Experiencing an accident can be an extremely difficult event. It can cause individuals to lose their income, accumulate expensive bills and may require extensive recovery time. Luckily, individuals are entitled to legal action. By hiring an experienced attorney, it is possible to dramatically reduce the financial suffering caused by accidental injuries. For more information about the law firm of Quincey, Becker, Schuessler, Chase & Devitt, please Click here.

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