The Benefits Of Visiting A Dermatologist In Ann Arbor, MI

A visit to a Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI is highly advantageous for treating skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The medical professionals prescribed treatments such as lotions and topical creams which remedy these issues promptly. They also address a condition that has become more common and devastating-;skin cancer. Statistical data from the American Cancer Society shows that over three million individuals are affected by this condition each year. For this reason, everyone should take advantage of screenings offered by dermatologists.

The Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer develops in any areas in which sun exposure is possible. It is not limited to specific races; it affects everyone. Dermatologists advise consumers to apply sunscreen at any time that they could be exposed. Utilizing a tanning bed increases the odds in which an individual will develop skin cancer.

The common signs of melanoma are brownish spots, moles that bleed, and lesions. When large brownish spots develop that could imply the presence of skin cancer, they have existing speckles that are darker in color. When a mole is affected by melanoma, it changes its shape and size; it could become discolored or bleed. Common lesions are red, black, or blue in color and may appear on the soles of the feet, fingers, or toes. Less common lesions that could imply melanoma appear in non-exposed areas such as the genitals or inside the mouth.

Risk Factors

Common risk factors relate to family medical history, the climate in which the individual lives, excessive exposure to the sun, and exposure to radiation. Individuals with weakened immune systems are susceptible to skin cancer as their bodies cannot fight off the cells as effectively. Exposure to arsenic can also lead to skin cancer development.
A Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI can test for melanoma and other forms of skin cancer by performing a physical examination. Laboratory testing is necessary to confirm skin cancer; the doctor will acquire a skin sample for this test. Once identified, the doctor will present treatment options. They include excisional surgery, freezing, and chemotherapy. If you suspect that you may have skin cancer, you can acquire a screening through a Dermatologist in Ann Arbor MI at APD Dermatology.

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