The Benefits of Tree Pruning in Austin

If you have trees that have grown to a large size then you should consider pruning them. While you can do it yourself, the job can be dangerous. Take the easy road and hire a professional to help you with all of your Tree Pruning in Austin needs. JW Tree and Land Service has a great deal of experience in pruning trees, and can help ensure your trees look their best and are healthy now and for years to come. If you have never had your trees pruned before, then you may not understand why it should be done. Here are just three benefits you can reap by choosing to have your trees professionally pruned.


One of the greatest benefits is the increased visual appearance that your tree will have. Don’t let your trees grow unchecked, as this could lead to unsightly branches and an overall eyesore in your neighborhood. Pruning removes any dead branches and helps ensure that your trees are looking their best. This can help increase the overall curb appeal of your home, with little to no work on your part.

Higher Fruit Yield

If you have fruit trees then you can drastically improve your harvest by pruning your trees. By removing the old and dead branches you allow the tree to provide more nutrients to the buds that will yield fruit. This will help boost your overall yield and encourage your tree to produce rich fruit that is full of flavor.

Increase Safety

Trees that are left to grow without Tree Pruning in Austin can become safety hazards to your home and your family. They can also have large root systems that will threaten the viability of your sewage system. Don’t put your septic tank at risk any longer. Make sure remove the dangers associated with trees by hiring a professional to prune yours on a regular basis.

Don’t let your trees remain unsightly any longer. Make sure you contact JW Tree and Land so you can schedule an appointment to get your no commitment estimate today. It can improve the appearance of your home and help keep you, your family and your home safe.

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