Benefits Offered by a Portsmouth Island Grill

If you spend the summer months grilling in your backyard, a Portsmouth Island Grill can be an extremely valuable investment. Having an island installed around your grill provides a practical and attractive way to enclose your grill. This provides a secure space and provides a much more professional appearance to your entire backyard area, helping to transform your patio or deck into a fully functional outdoor kitchen area. Some of the benefits offered by this installation are highlighted here.


If you are concerned about the security of your grill when it is sitting on your patio or deck, a Portsmouth Island Grill can help to alleviate any of your concerns. When you surround your grill by a sturdy stone, wood or brick island, it will be much less likely to become battered by the harsh elements. Additionally, strong winds will not leave your grill laying on its side. This island will also reduce the risk that someone steals your grill.

Buffet Space

When you install an island around your grill, it will increase the amount of space you have to present a buffet on your deck or patio. If you have guests at your home regularly, this additional space can come in particularly useful. Instead of having to sit your grilled food on your kitchen counters or patio table, you can set up your buffet on your grill island. This will free up space, both inside and outside, providing more space for your guests to dine.

Storage Space

There are a number of grill cabinets that also have cabinets, which provide you with storage space for your grilling tools. You do not have to worry about taking your tools outside each time you want to grill. You can ensure that your grill island is always stocked with your essentials, such as charcoal, lighter fluid and a lighter, as well as tongs, a spatula and kitchen utensils.

If you are interested in the features offered by a grill island, contact East Coast Leisuretoday for more information. No matter your backyard needs, these can offer many benefits for your home.

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