Benefits Offered by Double Glazed Windows

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Construction And Maintenance

Are you considering replacing the windows that are currently in your home? If so, an option that you should consider is windows that feature double glazing in Edinburgh. Some of the benefits offered by this type of window are highlighted here.

Temperature Control

When you purchase double glazed windows, it will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There are a number of modern types of glass that will enhance the thermal effects, as well. This type of glass is referred to as Low-E glass and will help to reduce the heat loss in your home between 54 percent and 64 percent.

The Winter Months

One of the primary reasons that many people opt for this type of window is due to the thermal benefits they offer. The layer that is present between the two pieces of glass will create a barrier that keeps the cold temperature on the outside of the window from altering the climate on the interior of your home.

The Summer Months

Just like double glazed windows will help to keep the cold temperatures in the winter out, it will also help to reduce the impact of hot temperatures during the winter months. This means that your home is going to be obviously cooler during the summer months.

Condensation Reduction

When cold air meets a warm surface, condensation will occur. The gas or the air that is in between the glass will keep the inside glass at the inside temperature, which will eliminate the dampness and condensation in the window pane. There are a number of homes that have issues with condensation on the inside of the windows during the winter months. Double glazing will help to eliminate this type of condensation, even in bathrooms.

One of the common causes of the deterioration of wood windows is excessive internal condensation. With double glazing, this condensation issue will be eliminated and help to extend the life of your entire window.

Noise Pollution

When there are two layers of glass in your window, it will help to dilute noise as it passes through. Laminated glass will also help to reduce the noise significantly if it is used. With double glazing you will have a much quieter home than if your have traditional, single paned windows. Keep in mind, the larger the air cavity between the panes, the better noise reduction you will have.

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