Benefits of Climate Control in Minneapolis Self Storage Facilities

elf storage facilities are a convenient way to keep your belongings safe when you cannot store them in your home. Many people use self storage when they downsize or when they need a place to temporarily store their belongings during a remodeling project. When you sign the contract for your storage unit, you may have the option to lease a climate controlled storage unit. While climate controlled units are not necessary in all cases, there are specific instances where climate controlled storage units are preferable.


There are many items that don’t handle drastic temperature changes well. Electronics, such as computers and cameras, may be ruined if they sit in a humid storage unit for several months. Drastic temperature changes can damage the delicate components of electronic equipment. If you need to store your computers, stereo systems, camera equipment or other electronics, using climate controlled Minneapolis Self Storage Facilities can ensure your items work when you need them.

Wood items also fare better in climate controlled environment. A conditioned storage facility can ensure that your wood furniture or musical instruments will not be damaged by extreme temperature changes. When you use a climate controlled unit, your furniture and instruments will not be affected by fluctuating outdoor temperatures that can cause wood to warp or break.

Because a climate controlled storage unit is more comfortable to work in than a hot, humid, unconditioned unit, climate controlled Minneapolis Self Storage Facilities are preferred by customers who plan to store some items temporarily and others long-term. When you need to pack and unpack your belongings on a regular basis, it is easier if you have a climate controlled unit.

Whether you need a small storage locker for your important documents and books or a large unit to store your furniture that won’t fit in your home, a climate controlled unit will help your belongings survive their time in storage. Your climate controlled unit is likely to be located indoors, where dust, debris and insects are less likely to be a problem. Valuable antiques and irreplaceable photos and documents are safer in climate controlled facilities.

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