Beneficial Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning in Phoenix

A home with an air conditioning system is a home that allows a family to stay comfortable during the hot months of summer. In some areas of the country, air conditioning systems are more than a luxury. Since these units can be incredibly expensive, it is important homeowners care for their investment, so it stays working properly for as long as possible. With these helpful tips, homeowners can become pros at caring for their systems.

•  Maintaining Air Conditioning Phoenix, takes time and dedication. Creating a schedule of tasks to be carried out on a regular basis can help homeowners in making sure they are properly maintaining their systems.

•  One of the most important maintenance tasks for Air Conditioning Phoenix is changing the filter as often as recommended. Most experts agree the filter needs to be changed at least once a month. In times of high usage, the filter may need to be changed more often. Dirty filters can quickly cause operational problems with an air conditioning unit. This can lead to overheating and expensive repairs.

•  The outside unit of an air conditioner can often become clogged with debris. This especially occurs after storms, where limbs and leaves become dislodged and blown across the unit’s grill. Checking the outer grill after each storm can prevent limbs and leaves from clogging the system and breaking the fan.

•  It is also important the outer unit is maintained by keeping the grass and weeds trimmed. These can quickly grow up around the unit and cause a limitation in airflow. With limited air flow, overheating can occur and cause malfunctions to occur.

•  The indoor unit of an air conditioning system contains a drainage hole and an evaporation tray. These can easily become clogged with mold and mildew growth. Pouring just a capful of bleach in both areas once a month can prevent this growth and allow for proper drainage.

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